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Prepare Your AC System For Summer With These 6 Simple Actions

Prepare Your Ac System for Summer With These 6 Simple Actions

When the temperature rises, do not be caught roasting in the summertime heat! The last thing you want to discover on the first hot day of summer is that your central air conditioning doesn’t work. This situation is preventable if you do a bit of annual maintenance prior to summer. Springtime is the perfect time in Provo, Utah to prepare your air conditioner for summer heat.

A central air conditioner utilizes an interior air handler and an outside compressor. The condenser unit is normally located outdoors. This is the portion of your air conditioning device that you’ll need to clean and maintain. Your air conditioning unit has been idle throughout the cold winter months. Since it’s last use it has accumulated fallen leaves as well as other debris. Changing the filters, cleaning the condenser, and executing a few minor checks will certainly get your a/c system into form for the Provo heat.

Below are a few easy steps compiled by your Provo HVAC company to make sure your central a/c system is all set for summertime.

1. Shut off power to the A/C
Be sure to shut off the power to the condenser at the circuit box prior to servicing your air conditioner. The condenser additionally usually has a 240-volt weatherproof separate box situated near the system. This includes a bar, merges, or a breaker to shut off the condenser. Turn this off also.

2. Clean or Change the Filters
Clean or replace your heater or a/c filters whenever they begin to look like taco bell toilet water. Or, at the very least twice a year. Not changing these filters will certainly limit air flow and lower the performance of your air conditioning system. Dirt filters likewise recirculate dust & germs into your house. For details on exactly how to do this, see Just how to Replace Heater & AC Filters.

3. Tidy the Ac unit’s Condenser Coils
Tidy your cooling system’s condenser coils and follower of debris. A central air conditioning conditioner’s condenser system, commonly situated outdoors. It is a large follower in a steel box with sides that look like grilles. If your condenser device was covered throughout the wintertime, discover it. In this situation, there’s likely not much particles to clear away. If it had not been covered, you’ll likely require to eliminate a bigger buildup of fallen leaves, backyard debris and dust. Make sure the fan is free and also clear of all particles. Next, check inside the box. Air crosses radiator-style condenser coils. Inspect to see if particles has actually blocked the coils. If so, these coils require to be cleansed so your condenser device works at it’s greatest effectiveness.

To clean up the coils:

  • Get rid of the side as well as leading panels or safety grilles from the condenser system. Note: Check to make certain the power to the condenser device is switched off.
  • Take off the top. The follower might be affixed to it making it heavy. Keep in mind: Do not yank any one of the cords linked to the fan.
  • Using a fridge coil brush or a soft brush on a vacuum cleaner, carefully clean the coils from the outside of the system. After you clean the outdoors, vacuum cleaner coils from the within. Note: Beware not to bend the delicate fins or harm the coils.
    4. Clean and Clear Particles
    Clear all fallen leaves and particles out of the base of the condenser. If your a/c system has a drain, see to it the drain is clear. Clean the blower’s follower blades using a vacuum or a cloth. Tidy up any type of excess water inside the system. As soon as everything is gotten rid of and cleaned up, reconstruct the condenser.


    5. Inspect the Coolant Lines
    Cooling agent tubes or pipelines range from your ac unit’s evaporator on the air trainer to the condenser exterior. These lines are generally covered with a foam coolant line insulation. Check to see if there are areas where the insulation is torn or missing out on. If so, replace it with new foam insulation sleeves, or cover the lines in a spiral style with foam insulation tape.

    6. Examine the Unit
    Check your recently cleaned cooling system after enabling the device to dry thoroughly. You’ll need to turn the power back on to your condenser system.

    Turn the power to the condenser back on by doing the following:

  • Turn the thermostat in your house to off.
  • Switch on the power at both the separate box and also at the main panel.
  • Change the thermostat to cool.
    Please note: The air handler or furnace blower blows the resulting chilled and also dehumidified air with ductwork to the residence’s areas. Fixings to your central air conditioner’s secured refrigeration system is not a diy task. They ought to be handled by a specialist cooling and heating solution pro. You can, nonetheless, do specific cleaning and maintenance jobs yourself to guarantee reliable procedure and maintain the requirement for professional service individuals to a minimum.


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