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These Are The Major Causes of Clogged Drains.

We are often surprised by how many times we get asked “What causes clogged drains?”.  Over a long enough career we have seen everything.  You would be amazed at the things our technicians have pulled from drains. However, there are a few recurring objects that seem to be bigger culprits than others.   Here are the top causes of clogged drains.

Hair Causes Clogged Drains

Hair is a major offender for drain blockages, as it can tie with oil and other tacky substances to create obstructions. The ideal approach to manage hair blockages is to prevent them. Use strainers and sieve type devices to catch hair.  Regular cleaning and maintenance of strainers is also necessary.

Soap Creates Clogged Drains

One of the most perplexing causes of drain blockages is synthetic detergent or soap. In any case, conventional cleanser bars are made with oil or fat.  The fat in the cleanser joins with minerals in water and leaves a hard buildup (known as cleanser rubbish) that stains shower fittings and stops up pipes.

Food Waste Clogs Drains

Food waste should never go down your drain pipes. Even with a food disposal some things still cause problems. This is true for squander like tea leaves and espresso beans that don’t separate. Other food sources to be wary of incorporate oil or oil as they will set in the lines and cause a blockage.

Poop Tickets Create Drain Blockages

Too much toilet paper can lead to drain clogs and stop your toilets from flushing. If water still runs through your toilet when flushed, this is only a partial blockage. Many times you can use a plunger to shift the crap around and allow the water to break it up. But if your porcelain pony just fills without draining, you’ll need to call Plumbers Provo to perform a drain cleaning for you.

Tree Roots Cause Severe Drain Clogs

Tiny breaks or cracks in your underground pipes may attract tree roots. Once inside your drainage system tree roots grow quickly obstructing water flow and destroying pipes. Clearing clogs caused by tree roots from pipes can be complex and require rooter service. Clearing the tree roots will require a professional Provo drain cleaning service.

Toys Cause Drain Blockages

If you have kids, then you know at some point in time a toy or five are going to be flushed.  Toys have a tendency to be slightly heavier and more oblong shaped.  They can be difficult to remove because a plunger or hydro jet may not be able to force them over obstacles such as pipe lips or around corners.


If you have a severe drain blockage or re-occuring drain blockages, this may be evidence of a more severe problem.  It is always best to consult with a licensed plumbing company who can do a video inspection.

If you have an older house with cast iron pipes, the improper method can shatter the pipes costing you significantly more in the long run.  Don’t risk making a minor situation into a major situation or a major situation into a disaster.


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